Armour Disposable Respirator Valve P2 Charcoal Mask

Armour Disposable Respirator Valve P2 Charcoal Mask

Products Features:

·       Filter Rating: P2

·       AS/NZS 1716:2012


Product Details:

Similar to our other metal free disposable respirators, but with additional active carbon filter layer to resist acid vapors, such as H2S, SO2, H2, N2 and micro dust Special 4-Ply pleated design, high filtration and static electricity material.

Will protect against all thermally generated contaminants and metallic fumes such as those produced during smelting or welding.

Next level up – P3 – requires full face protection and usually requires mechanical filtration to protect against highly toxic dusts and/or powders. Made of loaded polypropylene – 4 ply – to resist micron sized particles.

Outside layer made of active carbon to resist acid vapours like H2S, SO2, H2. N2 and micro-dust. Silicon exhalation valve resists dust while providing ease of breathing for extra comfort while working without risk of contamination.

Adjustable nosepiece and inner foam provide for a custom seal for different face sizes and shape. Double elastic straps hold the mask tight and in place during use